Disney Cruise Line: a magical family cruise through the Mediterranean.

Maybe you are in the process of organizing the next family vacation. If at home you are followers of Disney magic and want to live an unforgettable experience, we invite you to spend the best days of your life aboard a Disney cruise, with Disney Cruise Line . An unforgettable adventure for all.

“Ohana” means family

Can you imagine packing your bags and not having to worry about transshipments, waiting at the airport, entertaining the little ones, and spending hours and hours walking through cities?

We offer you the possibility of getting on board a story place. A unique boat where you will find entertainment at all hours.

The Disney cruise is organized in such a way that you will enjoy plans to suit you no matter how old you are.

The Disney cabins are among the first in the industry to be adapted for families. You can choose the option that you like the most.
In addition, you will have a bathroom divided into two rooms: one for the sink and toilet and another for the shower.

To infinity and beyond

As soon as you set foot on board, you will want to go through each of its 294 meters and, as if it were the theme park itself, discover what surprises the course will bring you.

The Walt Disney Theater , a majestic theater with a capacity for 977 people, hosts musicals in the purest style of Broadway. Quality, special effects and the most iconic Disney songs in history are the protagonists.

Another option is to enjoy movie premieres in this same scenario. You can see the latest movies on the billboard with the latest technology. And with popcorn included.

If teenagers prefer to make group plans, they can go to the Edge area (for young people between 11 and 13 years old) or the Vibe area (more suitable for those between 14 and 17 years old).

Between plan and plan, do not forget to go to greet all the Disney characters that are on the ship.
You can photograph with five different captains: the Captain of the ship, Captain Mickey, Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain America. They will be happy to take a photo for your album.

If the youngest of the house are between 3 and 12 years old, they will be fascinated at the Disney’s Oceaneer Club . In this space you can visit Andy’s Toy Story room, with all its protagonists; the Avengers Academy, in which Captain America will train them and help them perfect their superhero skills; Or the pirate zone, with artistic, computer projects and a navigation simulator.

In the event that the children of your family are a little smaller, between 6 months and 3 years old, they will find their place in the It’s a Small World Nursery, a space in which to sing and take out their stage talent along with the rest of children of the crew.

They will feel like little fish in the water listening to the best Disney themes with the protagonists of the movies.

Keep swimming

And like fish in the water you will also feel on the upper decks of the boat. If you are daring, you can slide down the AquaDunk , a slide three stories high with vertical fall that is activated by a trapdoor. Fit for the bravest!

Next to it and for smaller children is the AquaLab, an area in which Donald Duck and his nephews Jaimito, Jorgito and Juanito will give you shelter and the occasional chorrazo with water cannons.

There is a friend in me

Surely so much entertainment begins to make you hungry. Well nothing better than filling the belly in one of the theme restaurants located throughout the boat.

You have several options: the Carioca’s, inspired by Rio de Janeiro and its festivities; the Animator’s Palate, dressed in a lot of screens in which scenes of Disney movies are projected; Cabanas, with a free buffet and capacity for almost 500 people; or Palo Restaurant, exclusively for adults and where you can taste dishes of Italian cuisine in a dreamlike environment.

One of the things that they like and surprise the most is the rotating dinner system. Every night you can go to a different restaurant to try all the gastronomic options, and, in all of them, you will be served by the same waiter. You will have at your disposal the same person who will advise you and serve knowing your tastes in advance.
Practical, right?

Hakunna Matata

If you have a couple of hours as a couple, nothing better than to end the night dancing in the After Hours , the adult entertainment area.

In the Fathoms you can dance surrounded by light effects inspired by the ocean; At the Keys Piano Bar and Lounge you can have a quiet cocktail. And the O’Gill is the third option, an Irish pub in which sports competitions are broadcast. If you have scored a goal and there has been no option, this place is your best night plan.

Although it may not seem like it, on a Disney cruise there is also time to relax.

Come up to the Senses Spa & Salon and let yourself be pampered with a massage. Or if you prefer to opt for a complete one, go through the Smile Spa to whiten your teeth or the barbershop to fix your hair.

You will look brighter than Aladdin’s lamp.

“Supercalifragilísticoespialidoso”, so this cruise qualifies those passengers who have already traveled there.

And is that very few trips end with a pirate party and fireworks on the high seas.
You will feel like in the final scene of The Little Mermaid and who knows, maybe you can even say hello to King Triton and his daughters from the side.

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